Now a pale shadow of its former self, it's the third most visited board in all of the site, only surpassed by /b/ and /v/

/a/ and /v/'s relationship: It's Complicated.


Nowadays, 90% of the content relates to any of the Kyoto Animation productions, endlessarguments regarding the inherent evil of moe in the contemporary Japanese animation landscape, discussion about the series du jour, people asking for recommendations, and the exceptional Baccano or Ghost in the Shell thread.

The influx of new people and /b/tards, coupled with the Admin's criminal neglect, transformed a more or less decent place to discuss anime and manga into a SFW-ish chapter of /b/, riddled with tired memes ("U MAD", "haters gona hate" and their ilk), unfunny image macros (such as "Advice <whatever>"), unrelated discussion of all kinds, and crossdressers too coward to post in other boards.

To find some decent threads, it's best to lurk late at night (after 01:00 EST/UTC-4) on weekdays. Rest of the time is either boring (daytime) or rage-inducing (17:00 to 00:00 week-round, all day on weekends).

/a/ is usually antropomorphized into a long-haired, glasses-wearing girl trap. Has a "relationship" (on the loosest definition possible) with /v/, who most of the time doesn't mind the inherent gayness of it.

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