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The Goddamned ListEdit

Image Title Year Studio Director Length Description
Aura-Battler-Dunbine Aura Battler Dunbine 1983 Sunrise Tomino, Yoshiyuki 49 eps. + 3 eps. h
Cover Betterman 1999 Sunrise (Studio 7) Yonetani, Yoshitomo 26 eps.
Blue gender Blue Gender 1999 AIC Takahashi, Ryosuke 26 eps. + 1 film (The Warrior)
Bubblegum Crisis Bubblegum Crisis 1987 AIC Obari, Masami (et al) 8 OVAs + 3 OVAs (Bubblegum Crash)
BGC2040 Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 1998 AIC Hayashi, Hiroki 26 eps.
Casshern Sins Casshern Sins 2009 Madhouse Yamauchi, Shigeyasu 24 eps. A reimagining of the classic Casshern. Follows Casshern as he tries to remember his past and the reason the world is such a shithole. Androids and other human-sized robots.
CodegeassR11 Code Geass 2006 Sunrise Taniguchi, Goro 25 eps. + 25 eps. (R2) Japan has been conquered by the Britannian Empire, and its name has been changed to Area 11. The story follows Lelouch, the disinherited son of the Emperor of Britannia, as he fights to liberate A11 through a terrorist group and a mysterious power in order to create a better world for his blind and wheelchair-bound loli sister. LOTS of plot twists. Some of them are ridiculous. Be warned.
Cyborg009 Cyborg 009


2001 Avex Kawagoe, Atsushi 51 eps. 9 human beings are turned into cyborg warriors by the Black Ghost organization. They join together to form a team in order to defeat Black Ghost.
Dai Guard Dai-Guard 1999 XEBEC Mizushima, Seiji 26 eps. Bureaucracy: The mech anime. A group of employees fight unknown monster and save the day in their faux-super robot. Improvised Rocket Punch, FUCK YEAH!
Dancouga Dancouga 1985 Ashi Okuda, Seiji 38 eps. + 4 OVAs
Dancouga-Nova Dancouga Nova 2007 Ashi Obari, Masami 12 eps.
Diebuster7 Diebuster 2004 Gainax Tsurumaki, Kazuya 6 eps.
1209509074715 Eureka 7 2005 Bones Kyoda, Tomoki 50 eps. Boy falls for chick, follows her and pilots a motherfucking sky surfing robot. Coming of age, romance and fantastic music. Mecha designs by Macross' Shoji Kawamori.
Fang of the sun dougram Fang of the Sun Dougram 1981 Sunrise Takahashi, Ryosuke 75 eps.
FLAG Flag 2006 Aniplex Takahashi, Ryosuke 13 eps. A Japanese photojournalist in the middle of a war in totally-not-Afghanistan gets embedded in a mecha-armed squad, to document the rescue operation of a UN flag, stolen by insurgents trying to disrupt peace talks. Series is notable for being totally shot with "diegetic camera", a la Cloverfield. Not for kiddies.
FLCL FLCL 2000 GAINAX Tsurumaki, Kazuya 6 eps. Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: The Anime. Six episodes of whacked-out sorta-plot, with a surprisingly symbolic undercurrent for the perceptive, and a bitchin' indie soundtrack.
FMP Full Metal Panic!* 2002 Gonzo Chigira, Koichi 24 eps. People known as Whispered have knowledge of unknown technology. Chidori Kaname is regarded as such, and Mithril's Urzu squad is in charge of protecting her. Laughs ensue when Sagara Sousuke, a young soldier with no grasp of living a normal life, has to go undercover to protect her in high school. Awesome villains, awesome mecha, LOLGONZO and a lazy opening sequence.
FMP TSR Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid* 2006 Kyoto Animation Tateo, Retsu 13 eps. + 1 OVA Out with Gonzo, in with KyoAni for FMP's sequel. Amalgam is on the run. Again, Awesome mech battles, MOTHERFUCKING SIDEBURNS and LETHAL TWINS.
Gaiking2 Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu


2005 Toei Hosoda, Masahiro 39 eps. Complete reboot of the classic Super Robot show. Tsuwabuki Daiya, a feisty can-do young boy, is chosen as the pilot for the giant robot Gaiking. Together with the crew of Gaiking's dinosaur-shaped carrier, Daiku Maryu, they do battle against the invading Darius Empire.
Gasaraki Gasaraki 1998 Sunrise Takahashi, Ryosuke 25 eps.
Getter Getter Robo 1974 Toei Kawagoe, Jun 13 eps. (Armageddon) + 13 eps. (New Getter Robo) Dinosaurs are back and they're pissed. So, now they are making giant robot monster dinosaurs and unleashing them on the human race. Our only hope is to fuck their shit up with robots and manly sideburns. There are many iterations of this show, all are forged from 100% testosterone.
Giantrobo Giant Robo* 1992 Mu Imagawa, Yasuhiro 7 eps. + 13 eps.
Godannar Godannar 2003 AIC Nagaoka, Yasuchika 26 eps. Goh and Anna are married. He is a mech pilot, she wants to be one too. Thus, marital issues. Fights with monsters, super robot style and gratuitous fanservice. Lots of it.
Gunxsword Gun x Sword 2005 AIC Taniguchi, Goro 26 eps. A man in a tuxedo is looking for a man with a claw to avenge his fiancee that was killed on the day of his wedding. Features a GaoGaiGar-esque sentai team of old mexicans, nice music and DAT ASS.
Gunbuster Gunbuster 1988 GAINAX / Sunrise Anno, Hideaki 6 eps. + 1 comp.

The story follows the mecha pilot trainee Noriko as she becomes a soldier to battle the unknown monsters attacking humanity: The Space Monsters. Also SCIENCE! and lots of fanservice. The finale WILL leave you crying. Otherwise, you have no soul.

Guyver Guyver 2005 OLM Akiyama, Tatsuhito 26 eps. Chased by monsters called Zoanoids, Fukamachi Sho stumbles across a strange alien device that bonds itself to him, transforming him into a biotechnological monster, Guyver-1. Kronos Corporation wants the device, however, and Sho finds himself with few friends against the evil megacorporation.
Heroic Heroic Age 2007 XEBEC Suzuki, Toshimasa 26 eps.
Idolmaster iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia 2007 Sunrise Nagai, Tatsuyuki 26 eps.
Infinite Infinite Ryvius 1999 Sunrise Taniguchi, Goro 26 eps.
Grapri Immortal Grand Prix 2003 Bee Train / Production I.G. Mashimo, Koichi 5 5-minute eps. + 24 TV Racing giant robots like it's the future of NASCAR.
41607 Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari 2009 AIC /BeSTACK/VAP Yoshikawa, Koji 13 eps. Spin-off of Tenchi Muyo. Kenshi is summoned into the world of Geminar for unknown reasons, and ends up piloting magical mechs called Seikishin, fighting a war and making a Harem for himself. Fantasy, Comedy, lots of awesome women and mech battles.
Karas Karas 2005 Tatsunoko Sato, Keichi 6 eps.
Ggg King of the Braves: GaoGaiGar 1997 Sunrise, Studio 7 Yonetani, Yoshitomo 49 eps. + 8 OVA The secret organization GGG battles against the robo-parasite Zonder aliens with the help of a the alien boy Mamoru, their courageous cyborg warrior Gai, the sentient robot Galeon, and their ever-expanding ensemble of robot allies. The mech battles and the weapons are both ridiculous and awesome.
Vengador Kotetsushin Jeeg


2007 Actas Kawagoe, Jun 13 eps. Features the most badass cute motherfucker super robot of all times, Jeeg. Himika is back and ready to fuck up shit, but japan is not going to let that happen so they have Kotetsushin Jeeg ready for HUGGING TO DEATH ACTION. BADASS PARTS CHANGING SUPER ROBOT, BADASS OPENING AND NO FUCKING AIR NEEDED.
17713 Mars Daybreak 2004 Bones Mori, Kunihiko 26 eps. Mars is now almost entirely covered in water. Humanity exists in large city-ships that float through the open seas. Gram River joins a group of pirates in hopes of making good money. Underwater mechs and cool action.
Martian Succesor Nadesico Martian Successor Nadesico 1996 XEBEC Sato, Tatsuo 26 eps. Akito only wants to be a cook onboard the Nadesico, but his talents force him to pilot an Aestevalis and fight against the ambiguous "Jovian Lizards". Awesome mecha, super robots, real robots. Hotblood, waifus, hilarious backstory, SUPER SCIENCE!, humor and Gekigangar.
Megazone Megazone 23 1985 AIC / Tatsunoko Ishiguro, Noburo 4 eps. A daring product of the 80s, the golden age of the OVA. Nice characters, great music, awesome bike mecha. Serves as partial inspiration for RahXephon.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Neon Genesis Evangelion 1995 GAINAX / Tatsunoko Anno, Hideaki 26 eps + 1 comp. (Death & Rebirth) The Angels - huge, tremendously powerful, genocidal monsters - appear in Tokyo 3. The only hope for Mankind lies in the Evangelion, a humanoid fighting machine developed by the UN agency NERV, and piloted by emotionally damaged teenage orphans. Sleek mech designs, lots of character introspective, and a very discussed plot.

Check out the Movies section for sequels and re-imaginings.

Gainer Overman King Gainer 2002 Sunrise Tomino, Yoshiyuki 26 eps.
Rahx RahXephon 2002 Bones Izubuchi, Yutaka 26 eps. + 1 comp.

Ayato is a young art genius, who suddenly finds himself pulled into a whole new world as the pilot of the giant robot, RahXephon, and the world's only hope against the enigmatic Mu and their Dolems.

Inspired by Raideen and Megazone 23, features spectacular visuals and sound, intricate plot rife with theme and symbolism, relatively few giant robots, and no dangling plot threads... as long as you know where to look.

The world, suffused with sound.

Ride-back Rideback 2009 Madhouse Takahashi, Atsushi 12 eps.
Gatchaman Science Ninja Team Gatchaman 1972 Tatsunoko Production Toriumi, Hisayuki 105 eps. Animated sentai series, a classic of its genre. Was brought to the US in edited form twice, as Battle of the Planets and G Force. ADV released the uncut version in 2005.
Yukikaze Sentou Yosei Yukikaze* 2002 Gonzo Okura, Masahiko 5 eps.
Simoun Simoun 2006 Deen Nishimura, Junji 26 eps.
Strain Soukou no Strain 2006 Fantasia Watanabe, Tetsuya 13 eps.
Ideon Space Runaway Ideon 1980 Sunrise Tomino, Yoshiyuki 39 eps + 1 comp. (A Contact) + 1 film (Be Invoked)

Very oldschool giant robot anime set in distant space. An archaeological dig unearths three machines that combine into the giant robot Ideon. The crew of the Solo Ship and the pilots of Ideon must fight a running space battle for their lives against the ruthless Buff Clan, who seek to possess the mysterious energy called Ide, which powers Ideon.

Not for the faint of heart, especially Be Invoked.

Mainpage Super Dimension Century Orguss 1983 Nue / Tokyo Movie Shinsha Ishiguro, Noburo 35 eps.
Orguss-2 Super Dimension Century Orguss 02 1993 J.C. Staff Takaya, Fumihiko 6 OVAs
Tekkamanbl Tekkaman Blade 1992 Tatsunoko Production Negishi, Hiroshi 49 eps. + 6 OVAs

The earth is invaded from an alien race named Radam. Earth is losing bad and Radam have taken control of the orbital ring. A mysterious Space Warrior appears and becomes humanity last hope, but the main character has to face too many hardships to accomplish his goal. Beatiful designs, VOLTEKKA mic breaking and Dangerous Boyan.

Edited heavily for release in some countries as Teknoman.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 2007 GAINAX Imaishi, Hiroyuki 27 eps. + 2 comp. (Gurren-Hen, Lagann-Hen)

The coming of age story for Simon, a humble driller, who is inspired by his Bro, Kamina, to use a giant robot and his drill to pierce the heavens. Together they go off with a band of freedom fighters to free humanity from it's underground confinement. The most epic adventure ever. This show has balls, lots of balls. A ridiculously fun ride.

Big o The Big O 1999 Sunrise Katayama, Kazuyoshi 26 eps.

Bruce Wayne gets his own Giant Robo and a robot maid. And PISTON PUNCH, that is all you need to know. Also, tomatoes.

Escaflowne The Vision of Escaflowne 1996 Sunrise Kawamori, Shoji; Akane, Tatsuki 26 eps. A mecha series to watch with your girlfriend. A girl is transported to a magical land where Van, the young heir of Fanelia, has to defend his kingdom with his magical mech, Escaflowne.
Vandread Vandread 2000 Gonzo Mori, Takeshi 26 eps.

Combining giant robots in space, on a ship crewed by two opposing groups: Pirates from Mejale (a world without men) and a doctor, a spoiled rich boy, and a factory worker from Taraak (a world without women). They must find a way to overcome their differences in order to defeat their alien attackers and return home.

Zegapain Zegapain Sunrise Shimoda, Masami 26 eps.
Zipang* 2004 Deen Kazuhiro, Furuhashi 26 eps. A modern JSDF cruiser is teleported back in time to WWII, in the middle of the Yamato's fleet.
Zoe Zone of the Enders 2003 Sunrise Watanabe, Tetsuya 1 OVA (idolo) + 26 eps (Dolores,i) Prequel to a series of videogames by Hideo Kojima. However, they are still worth watching without having played them (but play them anyway, they're awesome). The endings of both will make you cry bitch tears.


  1. Cyborg 009 also had 2 previous shows: one in 1966 (2 films + 26 eps), and another in 1979 (50 eps. + 1 film)
  2. Gaiking also had a show in 1976 (39 eps.), created by Nagai himself. However, Toei deliberately removed Nagai's name from the credits to avoid having to pay him royalties. This sparked a long legal battle between Nagai and Toei.
  3. Sequel to Kotetsu Jeeg of 1975. It never arrived to North America, but it was aired in Western Europe and Latin America during the 80s (the series is known there as El Vengador).