Asterisks denote the series is an adaptation of a previous work.

The List Of Stuff and ThingsEdit

Image Title Year Studio Director Length Description
LoGH Legend of the Galactic Heroes* 1988 Kitty Films Ishiguro, Noburo 110 eps. + 52 eps. (Gaiden) + 1 film (My Conquest is the Sea of Stars) + 1 comp. (Overture to a New War) The war between the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance, focusing on the rivalry between count Reinhard von Lohengramm and Yang Wen-Li, an Alliance officer. Great characters and plot. Starts a bit slow but is worth every episode.
Crest Crest of the Stars* 1999 Sunrise Nagaoka, Yasuchika 13 eps. + 1 film
Banner Banner of the Stars* 2000 Sunrise Nagaoka, Yasuchika 27 eps. + 2 OVAs
Bebop Cowboy Bebop 1998 Sunrise Watanabe, Shinishiro 26 eps. + 1 film Space bounty-hunters. Commonly regarded as one of the best anime series ever made.
Crusher Crusher Joe 1983 Studio Nue, Sunrise Yoshikazu, Yasuhiko 2 OVAs + 1 film
F0055074 Galaxy Express 999 1978 Toei Matsumoto, Leiji 113 eps. + 3 films + 2 OVAs (Maetel Legend) + 13 OVAs (Endless Odyssey) Tetsuro starts a journey aboard the Galaxy Express 999 to get a mechanical body. Perhaps Matsumoto's best work. Click for more info.
Taylor Irresponsible Captain Taylor 1993 Tatsunoko Production Mashimo, Koichi 26 TV + 10 OVAs
Kiddygrade Kiddy Grade 2002 Gonzo Gotoh, Kenji 24 eps.
Moonlight Moonlight Mile* 2007 Hibari Suzuki, Iku 26 eps. Two alpinists become astronauts. Very reslistic series.
Outlawstar Outlaw Star* 1998 Sunrise Hongo, Mitsuru 26 eps. Two bounty hunter bros find a naked girl in a box and shit goes down. There are some hot ladies in this show and some awesome guns.
Planetes01 PLANETES* 2003 Sunrise Taniguchi, Goro 26 eps. Trash collectors in space. Better than it sounds. Focus on character development and realistic space travel.
Rocketgirls Rocket Girls* 2007 Mook Animation Aoyama, Hiroshi 12 eps.
Sorakakeru Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 2009 Sunrise Obara, Masakazu 26 eps.
Cobra Space Adventure Cobra 1982 Tokyo Movie Shinsha Dezaki, Osamu 31 eps. + 1 film + 4 OVAs (The Psychogun) + 2 OVAs (Time Drive) Normal, average dude suddenly realizes that he is actually a famous space-pirate with a laser cannon for an arm that wiped his own memory and changed his face. Afterward decides that its time to man up and have some awesome adventures with hot ladies and crazy cyborgs. Think Star Wars + James Bond + Cowboy Bebop. Yes, it is that great.
Yamato Space Battleship Yamato 1974 Academy Productions Matsumoto, Leiji Three seasons of 26 episodes each + 4 films
Harlock Space Captain Harlock 1978 Toei Matsumoto, Leiji 42 eps. + 1 fim (Arcadia of My Youth) + 22 eps. (Endless Orbit SSX) + 13 OVAs (Endless Odyssey)
Starship Starship Operators 2003 J.C. Staff Watanabe, Takashi 13 eps.
Stellvia Stellvia of the Universe 2003 XEBEC Sato, Tatsuo 26 eps.
Terraph Terra e...* 2007 Aniplex Yamazaki, Osamu 24 eps. A group of psychically gifted people escapes from a human society led by three super-computers. Pursued, they will try to find a new home.