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Migration is on hold until we can agree with /v/'s Wiki on a a joint solution, since ShoutWiki is not yet preprared to handle /v/'s deluge of users (Kotep crashed their site after posting a link). If anyone knows a solution, contact me.

So, I'm considering the idea of packing bags and looking a new host. what you think?

New skin is ugly. Should we migrate?

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Welcome to The Recommendations Wiki!

This site is created around the recommendation charts created by the users of the Site. It spans many different topics covered by it, and is intended to be a main hub for recommendations (thus being an attempt to avoid the constant threads), similar to the efforts of Kotep's Recommended Games Wiki.

As you will see, this site is grossly incomplete (as are all wikis, right?). It needs your help by adding decent descriptions and images.

The Lists: Index

What's New:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010: TRW is finally inaugurated to the public.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010: After months of work, trial-and-error in Photoshop and struggles with an outdated Excel sheet, TRW is created by Erisie.


For the time being, this is a one-man-show. All your comments and suggestions —or requests to join as a mod— will be received (and answered, hopefully) on my e-mail address:

(and yes, that's a real e-mail)

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